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Here are some things I have tried and proven inseparable from my trips if not my daily life.


My first pair of shoes was the Canyon in black, and it became one of my everyday shoes for the best comfort on my awkwardly shaped feet. 2 years on and I'm still in them! I love that their products are made from sustainable materials as well.


In my search for a reusable water bottle, I came across Chilly's. There are many brands with similar if not exactly the same design, but this brand's versatility with accessories and design really sold me. I've been using my coral-coloured bottle for 3 years and it's still like new.


For something more urban and stylish that pairs with any outfit including dresses, Một is my best investment. It is a Vietnamese brand that I had to email just to get a pair from overseas. 1 year on and I'm still in love with them!

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