Trip Planning

You earned your vacation. It’s time to go out and relook at the world.
For the busy or the indecisive, or just about anyone who wants an experience,
I will create a one-of-a-kind trip for you to remember for the rest of your life.

How it works

Solo or duo travellers looking for a customized experience from a 2D2N weekend trip to 2-week epic exploration

* Enquire for larger group size and/or longer duration

Country information
Entry requirements
Transport details
Places of interest
Food choices
Tours and activities
Google Map list

* May be customized according to preference

Starts from USD 50 per day per group. Add-ons are USD 50 each. Ultra add-on is dependent on the destination, duration and activities.

Places We cover

Common Questions

The places listed are those that I am most familiar with thus far, hence they are the safest choices. But I do have confidence in my research ability, so if you trust me to make the right choices for you, go ahead and make the request! I will do my utmost best to plan the best experience.

At this time, I do not have the means to make any bookings on your behalf. I will, however, provide as many details as I can on how to go about booking the facilities and activities as required.

I aim to arrange for a video consultation within a week from receiving your enquiry, and following that, depending on the duration of the trip and my regular work exigencies, anytime up to 10 days before you receive the curated plan. Urgent delivery will be subjected to additional cost.

Upon receiving your enquiry and initial clarification of the scope, I will provide a quote as well as a link for you to make the payment accordingly. Only once payment is made, a video consultation (or e-mail if you’re too shy) for further details will be arranged.

There is no place for discrimination here. I provide service to anyone who simply wants to travel!

Honestly, I might be no different from the other travel blog that offers the same service. Perhaps I aim for higher personalization based on your preference. Perhaps I insist you try a hike you never thought to do, or take that longer train ride than the flight to the next city. Perhaps I value the individual or couple who desire to explore like inhabitants of a foreign land, instead of feeling like generic tourists. Either way, take a look at my stories, and maybe that will give you an idea on what my taste is like. You’ll likely get something similar if you choose to.

Solo and duo travelling are not only my main experiences but also a preference, compared to larger groups where it gets more complicated to personalize according to everyone’s wants and needs. I will still provide the service to larger group size, but the quality of the plan may not be as good. Of course, this is entirely up to you!

The headache and stress that come with planning trips are very real, and sometimes you may just not have the time for it while juggling between work and commitments. You have to ask yourself many questions: Is this value for money? Is this a safe option for me? Is it worth to go there? Will these fit into the duration I plan for? I remove all these worries so that all you have to do is to book those tickets and get out there when the time comes! Don’t worry, trip planning is actually a hobby of mine.

Maybe you are able to locate a tour that takes you to the places you want to go for anyway, but the price tag that comes with it can be exorbitant. It’s what holds me back too many times when I consider lessening the stress of trip planning. Instead, you can get a customized plan that fits your budget, and if you’re worried about being lonely, get the ultra add-on for me to join you!

Ready for your curated trip?