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It can be difficult to travel alone. Not only can a travel buddy help with planning and logistics, they can also be a great source of companionship.

How it works

Solo or duo travellers for a trip of 2-5 days

Any activity listed in the companion's profile

Fixed daily allowance excluding flights to be determined by companion and location

Common Questions

Anywhere the companion is allowed by visa, and with stable political climate. If we do not feel safe about a city or country, we will have the right to decline providing the service.

You will need to additionally pay for long distance transport i.e. return flight from the companion’s country of origin and any flight during the trip. For everything else including accommodation, you will pay for them by the  daily allowance amount fixed by the companion and included in the quote. Any unexpected excess cost will be from their own expense.

Only where applicable. Otherwise, the companion may choose to stay somewhere else but nearby.

Only if you would like to! We are able to adjust to your needs and let you have your you-time as well. In fact, we encourage it! Despite our companions’ chill nature, you can’t always 100% relate to another person, so it’s important to have that space.

The profiles below will list the activities that they are comfortable doing, although it is ultimately down for discussion. What they definitely won’t do is being caregiver (they are not professionally trained and hence can be dangerous), or a babysitter to a minor (the travellers must be at least legal adults or one minor accompanied by a legal guardian). We don’t recommend springing any surprise that will put off the companion anytime from the start of the trip to the end. The companion will reserve the right to cancel the trip without refund if you put them in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation.

During the enquiry stage, it is recommended that you at least let us know what activities you are planning to do so we know what to expect. Then send us a more detailed itinerary i.e. booked activities etc. at least 2 weeks before the trip. If you have absolutely no idea what to do, maybe you’d like to engage us to plan the itinerary instead.

Upon receiving your enquiry and initial clarification of the scope, I will provide a quote as well as a link for you to make the payment accordingly. Only once payment is made, a video consultation for further details will be arranged.

There is no place for discrimination here. I provide service to anyone who simply wants to travel!

It will be based on the itinerary and an estimate of local expenses, with an additional rate for the companion’s service.

Being with a larger group will imply responsibilities of a tour leader, which is not quite what a companion should do. Yes, we can assist where needed, but at the end of the day, we want to be a friend enjoying a trip with you.

2 days is the minimum appropriateness for a trip away from home, and 5 days is for the convenience of the companion to make time outside of personal commitments. 1 day is possible if the companion is local to the destination you are travelling to, just enquire.

Rather than risking strangers who may lie about their profile, or friends you can’t gel with on the trip, we are 100% genuine about who we are and are 99% of the time very chill. Not only that, with our travel experience, we can take the lead where you’re too shy or too fearful, and even encourage you to do things out of your comfort zone. We believe it’s a very good deal compared to a tour leader or a clueless friend.

If not myself (owner of this website blog), all companions are personally vetted and determined to value safety over everything. If a circumstance is reported to me and evaluated to be at the companion’s carelessness, I may pull them out of the trip and refund you for the remaining time. I will not tolerate anything that jeopardizes one’s security and well-being.


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