Bumming Out a Weekend in Krabi

I don’t remember what was going through my head when I saw the flight deals in my inbox. Although I often received these deals, I rarely acted on them simply because they were cheap. 2019 was probably just the year that I decided to indulge in travel to break away from the strenuous daily routine at work.

As the trip approached, I found myself in the process of recovering from a bad case of flu. Although I was uncertain if this was the best time to travel, doing this trip solo meant that I had full control of my itinerary. Additionally with mid-August being the shoulder season in Thailand, it became the ideal setting for me to recuperate and recharge.

Upon a late arrival at Pak-up Hostel, I literally passed out for 12 hours straight. This much-needed rest allowed me to gain enough energy to enjoy the remainder of my weekend trip to the fullest.

I had initially planned to go for a hike up to the Tiger Cave Temple, but as I slept most of the day away, I ended up exploring the river bank near the hostel instead. Later, I headed to the weekend night market, where I was immediately drawn to the local vibes and affordable street food. It was then that I decided that I really like Thailand, as it reminded me of my home country with its vibrant colours and lively noises.

After a relaxing Saturday, I was ready to venture out further on my last day in Krabi. I decided to take a longtail boat to Railay, the only way to reach the beach due to the limestone cliffs separating it from the mainland. The boat ride took about 40 minutes, during which I admired the unique rock formations jutting out of the sea. Once we docked, and I headed straight for the closest Phra Nang Beach, where I tested the waters and marvelled at the rock-climbers scaling the cliffs. It’s funny how I used to dream of rock climbing as a child, but now I prefer staying grounded.

I skipped the Princess Cave, having no interest in seeing the infamous horde of sex toys. Instead, I walked to Railay Beach, which turned out to be the highlight of my trip. Incredible white sand, stunning blue waters, majestic cliffs – I spent at least an hour simply sitting on the beach, watching the waves and feeling all my sickness and stress disappear from my mind and body.

After spending most of my time on the beach, I went food hunting in the walking street and visited the bat cave before returning to Krabi town and catching my late night flight back to a new work week. Despite missing out on some experiences, I feel thoroughly renewed after this trip, and that’s what truly matters.

*All photos featured in this story are taken by the author.

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