Being one of most popular tourist destinations is a kind of pressure that the Land of Smiles welcomes! From breath-taking beaches to delicious cuisines, there is something for everyone from the luxury seekers to the adventurous backpackers. The islands and the cities are packed with millions of foreigners every year. It’s no wonder why Thailand relies a lot on tourism to boost their economy.

Ironically, my first trip to the country wasn’t to the capital, but to a little seaside town. It had been a spontaneous weekend trip, and one I would never forget. The affordability of the country is also desirable, so I expect to be visiting more often in the near future.


Trip Budgeting

Expenses in Thailand can be cheap. Although that's provided one doesn't seek luxurious accommodations and tours. Beyond them, there are plenty of quaint hostels almost everywhere, and local food and shopping are on the very cheap side when you can find them. It certainly lives up to its affordability which draws many backpackers to the country.


Staying Safe

Thailand is relatively safe for foreigners. However, scams can be rampant as with many tourist hotspots. It's worth doing some research on how to get around in a local way, and booking only with reputable companies. I have been out alone at night and I don't feel particularly unsafe, but it's not a bad thing to play safe and practise common sense.


Packing Light

You’re in a tropical country with lots of sun and nature. There are cooler months when the temperature averages at 24°C, but it really doesn't warrant any heavy clothing that takes up space in your luggage. I have travelled with a small weekend backpack for a few-day trip, and it was perfectly sufficient.

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