This small East Asian country seems inconspicuous, but it’s popular with Southeast Asians for a reason. Fair influences of east and west, abundance of delicacies, cheap and tasteful shopping are only a small part of the charm Taiwan brings. The existing language barrier may be daunting, but the locals are overall very accommodating with foreigners. Having spent sufficient amount of time exploring and living in this country, I have easily declared it my second home. The only thing left that I need to do is to learn how to ride a scooter, which is one of the ways to properly get around like a local.

If the cities and villages don’t convince you, take in the natural landscapes instead. I once visited a national park with a New Zealander, and he complimented how it reminded him of his home country. Now that is certainly saying something!


Trip Budgeting

Expenses in Taiwan can be cheap. I want to be biased and say it’s very cheap, but I avoid so because it also depends on the area. The price is proportionate to how popular a place is for tourism; but you will find cheap and delicious food wherever you go. While some snacks and food are named famous, they tend to be overpriced. Watch out for local recommendations instead and you will find that they are delicious all the same for cheaper. Great deals are also found when shopping locally.


Staying Safe

Taiwan is moderately safe for female solo travellers. Going out at night alone can be very safe, but you should still exercise caution with your belongings when in busy areas. There are typhoons during certain months of the year, and occasional earthquakes that may cause landslides in the mountains. Local traffic can be reckless so keep your wits about if riding in the cities.


Packing Light

Be prepared for the mildest of four seasons. But also be aware that not all areas have the same weather. Winter in the northern parts is typically cold and wet, but in the southern parts it is possible to go out in a mere T-shirt. You may like to avoid the typhoon season in Sep-Oct, and bring an umbrella or a poncho for the rainy season and more. They will save you from getting drenched anytime.

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