The smallest Southeast Asian nation has been prominent on the map for its modern landscape and, dare I mention, the popular rom-com movie, “Crazy Rich Asians”. Being in the centre of Southeast Asia means that many would be passing through for a taste of mixed culture and advanced city in one. As small as it is, there is much to offer by this city country in their effort to make themselves an international hub for all. It’s my home for years now, and yet there is always something new popping up to excite the locals and tourists alike.

From the best airport in the world to the islands offshore, you will come to find that Singapore is not only for the luxurious. Cheap eats and deals are found when you know where to look, and that is what I strive to tell you about.


Trip Budgeting

Expenses in Singapore can be moderate. Singapore is on the expensive side for a Southeast Asian nation, but you can still find fair costs for accommodation and especially food, usually found in hawker centres. Hostels and budget hotels are everywhere, while some choose to splurge on tasteful boutique hotels. Museums and theme parks will be an expense on the pocket, or you can visit free parks instead.


Staying Safe

Singapore is very safe for all travellers. It's simply one of safest city-state in the world. A female solo traveller is able to walk about late in the evening without any trouble. Just remember that low crime doesn't mean no crime and continue to keep your wits about.


Packing Light

You’re in a tropical country with lots of sun and rain. The weather may depend on the season in the year, but the temperature remains the same throughout. You only need to pack light clothes, but you will find yourself sweating often due to the humidity as well. Sunscreens and mosquito repellent are a must if you are doing outdoor activities. Otherwise, most indoors are air-conditioned, so you won’t be deprived of cool air.

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