Malaysia, my home! The country is split east and west, island and peninsula, giving it plenty of opportunities to become a bucket-list destination. Its few cities are becoming trendier by the year, while its nature remains beautiful and rustic. The culture is a melting pot of various races, coupled with a deep history in civilization that made the society who they are today. Not only that, the food scene is one of many praises in the world.

I may be biased with my patriotism, but there is a reason for it. While I haven’t travelled to all four corners of the country, I have seen plenty that showed me that nothing is better than my own home. Life is simple here, and with life becoming increasingly stressful, Malaysia reminds me to take a pause and enjoy what nature has to offer.


Trip Budgeting

Expenses in Malaysia can be cheap. From accommodation to food to transport, I find myself getting a bang for my bucks most of the time. However, it is worth to note that international brands can be expensive as they price match, if not just a little cheaper after the exchange rate. Instead, there are plenty of local brands to choose to shop at lower cost, which is what I come to opt for.


Staying Safe

Malaysia is relatively unsafe for all travellers. Although violent crimes are mainly among gang members, bag snatching and pickpockets are prevalent. I discourage walking alone in deserted places in the evenings. Crossing roads can be hazardous as traffic sometimes doesn't follow rules. Taxi scams are also common, so I use ride-hailing app like Grab instead. I find that heeding the locals' advices helps me get around the best.


Packing Light

You’re in a tropical country with lots of sun and nature. I have the privilege of being close to home so I usually don't need much, but the warm weather also makes it easy to pack very light. Many places also accept international cards, but it's best to bring cash for those that don't.

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