Iceland is true to its name with its glaciers, but beyond that is a landscape so unique that you could not possibly miss out on this small island close to the Arctic. In the summer, you can experience majestic waterfalls and beautiful sights in extended daylight. In the winter, you will look forward to the phenomenal northern lights and ice caves. Iceland was the first on my bucket list to be fulfilled, having visited in the midst of winter just past the new year season. Till this day my only regret is not seeing more than I should because of the lack of daylight.

The best part about Iceland is the relatively cheap budget flights that go there. Being a major tourist destination also means they are doing all they can for the international visitors. Of course, this is also a downside on the expenses. Nonetheless, you will agree it is a trip worthwhile once you truly experience it.


Trip Budgeting

Expenses in Iceland can be very expensive. Having boomed in tourism just a decade ago, it is natural that prices hike over the years. The cost of living in Iceland is now akin to that in a Scandinavian country, unless you know where to look. Eating out is proven exorbitant, so you may want to choose to cook your own. There are plenty of hostels to stay in, although a little on the higher side of cost. However, you will find that water is free from the tap and perhaps one of the cleanest in the world.


Staying Safe

Iceland is very safe for a female solo traveller. Although there are instances of petty thefts and night violence, it is relatively safe to walk about alone in the evenings. Nature is your worst enemy here, as there have been accidents and/or deaths every year due to reckless behaviours by tourists. You will be better off staying on the beaten paths, following guidelines and heeding warnings.


Packing Light

You’re living close to Arctic Circle with differing amount of sunlight depending on the season. Although with climate change in recent years, the weather can be relatively unpredictable. Make sure you have a cardigan for the summer, and a wind-resistant jacket for the winter. If you’re looking to soak in the hot springs, bring along your swimwear as you’re not permitted to go in naked.

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