The country of romance beckons! So was my impression of the country alongside its rich culinary scene and abundant castles dating to centuries past. The language itself is a culture on its own, yet ironically it never manifested to me that I should learn it until I got there. I quickly understood why, and it had nothing to do with the local’s ability with English. It is more about immersing into a society with traditions so deep that I wished nothing but to pay respect.

I was told that most of the world’s perspective of France is only what’s found in Paris. I must agree after having ventured to a few cities besides the capital. The other regions have their own charm worthy of visits, so never limit yourself when exploring this huge country.


Trip Budgeting

Expenses in France can be moderate. Besides being one of the top tourist spots in the world, western Europe tend to have a higher cost of living in general. Outside of Paris, there are very little hostels to choose from. Choices of food will be limited with too small of budget. Public transport may be expensive if you use it frequently. But there can be tricks around them as long as you know how to do your research.


Staying Safe

France is relatively unsafe for female solo travellers. But it does differ between big cities and small towns. Usually walking alone at night is safe, but certain areas should be avoided due to gang activities. Scams and pickpockets are common in subways and popular tourist areas, so make sure to keep your belongings close and within sight. I'm a victim to a pickpocket, so I should know.


Packing Light

Be prepared for the warmest and the coldest of four seasons. Depending on the month and location, you should pack what you need to cater to the weather and activity. Summer is the easiest with light dressing, but you will need your jumper and coat for the dead midst of winter. More so if you plan to go skiing!

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