This fifth smallest country in Europe is wedged between France and Spain, and only accessible by land from both countries. It’s only natural given its mountainous landscape that’s inconvenient for a plane to land in. During the winter, it becomes a ski destination for its abundant snow and slopes. As it is not part of the European Union, it is also a tax haven for those coming from the neighbouring countries. So imagine my thrill when I spotted this little nation during a winter trip purely for my desire to see snow for the first time.

That said, it is still a tiny western European country with little attention from the travel community. It’s a shame, because I find that it still has plenty to offer for avid hikers and mountain lovers. I recommend sparing it more than a day of visit and you will find gems that tell you why the locals are proud of their country regardless.


Trip Budgeting

Expenses in Andorra can be expensive. Despite being tax-free, Andorra is mainly a tourist destination with its abundant ski resorts and organized shopping day trips. There are barely any hostel, and even so they are on the higher end. I was just lucky to find myself a decent one during a time when there were barely any tourists. Eating out cost me when looking for more local cuisines. I found transportation between towns to be expensive as well, unless opting to stay in one town which is generally walkable.


Staying Safe

Andorra is very safe for solo female travellers. The country is very small and walkable, and generally not very threatening. Instead, I found nature to be my worst enemy with the vast mountains, more so when the ice begins to melt. I nearly slipped down the slope attempting a hike in the midst of a warm wintery weather, and it was not fun.


Packing Light

Be prepared for the warmth and the chill of four seasons. Depending on the month, you should pack what you need to cater to the weather and activities. The high altitude means it will be snowing in the depths of winter. Summer is the easiest with light dressing. Naturally with only a few days spent here, I found a backpack is very doable here.

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