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Contribution Accountability

If you are here, that means you have arrived from my Buy Me a Coffee page. I also hope that also means you are interested in contributing.

At the time of writing this in late 2023, I am a small-time blogger who funded my travels all by myself simply because I enjoy traveling. I started this blog to chronicle my trips, not only to encourage embracing diverse experiences but also to advocate for seeing travel from a perspective of slowing down and learning about where you are treading, instead of rushing through top tens and dismissing unfamiliar meals.

However, traveling and documenting these experiences still require money and time that cannot be recovered. As such, your contribution would be vital in this special operation to maintain the momentum.

Contribution Log Book

Below is a list of contributors, both named and anonymous, along with their contributions. Each contribution has been allocated to a specific trip and corresponding blog or social media post.

… Unfortunately, there has been no contribution yet. Don’t worry, I will still travel, just not as much as I hope to!