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Life is a journey, and so should travel be. To me, this means taking slow trips, spending less for more, fostering connections across cultures, and, in the process, discovering what it means to be human.

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It is a blog, travel accounts, reflective musings penned by one romantic soul. So whether you’re a seasoned traveller or an armchair adventurer, I hope my budget travel stories will ignite a similar spark in you.

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Web developer, chill tripper, Malaysian.

Angie Chua on Travel Massive

17 countries extensively travelled and more to come.

I grew up in a small quaint town in Malaysia on the island of Borneo. When I was 18, I left for my studies and had been “abroad” since.

Perhaps because I had lived more than I had travelled in those foreign places, I took a different approach to travel. I am often on the road wandering and looking for small things sometimes not on the maps. I rest a lot on my vacations instead of being always on the go. I listen to the locals and learn about their life. I occasionally splurge for extra dopamine as a treat to myself.

As I progress through life, I find myself increasingly adept at making the most of my time and reflecting about what it means to travel. This journey has not only been about self-discovery but also about the valuable friendships I’ve had the privilege to cultivate along the way. Now, I’m eager to share these experiences with the world.


I am deeply committed to raising awareness about mental health through travel experiences, which is why I may collaborate with sponsors and may also seek donations to help support this important cause. It’s important to note that while some of my posts may be sponsored, and I may request donations to fund my travels, every piece of content you’ll find here is crafted with genuine passion and from the heart. I maintain the highest level of transparency and integrity, and you can trust that my personal experiences and opinions are at the core of every story shared on this platform.